This oil is handmade by yours truly; apricot oil for abundance and pleasure, infused with aventurine stone, pyrite for prosperity and success, calendula for creativity, and the energy of the New Moon in Capricorn.


Use this oil to anoint yourself and the items of your ritual (candles, crystals, etc.) Add a few drops to a ritual bath or on your wrists in the morning to set the intention of attracting all that you deserve.


 These are potent ritual items, make sure you align your intention every time you step into your ritual sacred space.

Ritual oil - I Attract

  • 1 bottle of 30ml/1.01 fl oz of ritual oil, apricot oil infused with flowers, and charged with specific crystals and energies. There are no chemicals or essential oils.

    You also get a card with informations about your oil and how to use it. 

    These are potent and highly charged ritual items, for external use only ! Do not ingest, do not apply on genitals or wounds, and only use them as part of your ritual practice. 

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions !