A little more about me


My first glimpse through the other side of the mirror was through crystals. The first time I went to a crystal shop and held one in my hand, my understanding of things shifted. Right there I realised maybe there was more, maybe I had a whole new world of adventures ahead.

Throughout the years I got the chance to learn and practice reiki, shamanism and other various practices that helped me shape myself but also my vision of the world. I learnt how to heal things, the beauty of manifestation, and the absolute power of working on your own shadows to fully embrace your light. 

I learnt who I was, simply, and that is the greatest gift. The path of self-discovery is evergoing and I am still working and learning so much, but what a wonderful journey it has been. This is the reason why I created Eeochair, to give you the tools you need to know yourself better and work on what you want to work.


Whether it's by reading the planets, the runes or creating custom rituals to work on manifesting your goals, my mission is to give you the keys to understand yourself better so you can reconnect with your true essence and attract what you truly deserve.

We can take a deep dive through your birth chart to understand how you chose to be in this incarnation, what you need to work on, or go even further and work with the runes or dedicated rituals to help you manifest the life you were meant to have. If you want to align with and embrace your true potential, then you are in the right place.


Let’s connect the dots and decipher what the Universe has in store for you