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Know thy Self

I'm fascinated with connecting the dots between the signs the Universe can send us. Whether it's by reading the planets, the runes or creating custom rituals to work on manifesting your goals, my mission is to give you the keys to understand yourself better so you can reconnect with your true essence and attract what you truly deserve.


We can take a deep dive through your birth chart to understand how you chose to be in this incarnation, what you need to work on, or go even further and work with the runes and/or dedicated rituals to help you manifest the life you were meant to have. If you want to align with and embrace your true potential, then you are in the right place.


Let's connect the dots and decipher what the Universe has in store for you.




« Thank you so much for this mindblowing, uplifting, inspiring, empowering guidance you brought me. And for all your kindness, amazing energy, love and care. So grateful for this experience and for sharing it with you in a safe and warm place.   »

Marie Laure C.

« I ordered the book earlier this year and honestly it has opened some doors in my life! The book gives reason to why I am me, and to what tools I have in my toolbox to take control in situations i had lost control in before. The book is well made and she is available for a walk through when you need it! I highly recommend you get one! »

Ida F.

« J'ai eu la chance de recevoir ma charte de naissance par Eloïse. Je ne saurais jamais comment la remercier, cette charte m'a apporté tellement de précisions sur ce que je suis ! Ca m'a permis de comprendre profondément mon fonctionnement et je le recommande à tout le monde ! C'est un outil juste magique.»

Camille M.

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